Access to Kawai K5000s display

I’m thinking of replacing the screen on my K5k as it’s quite dim and blotchy in places. I opened up the case (only removed the back panel) and had a bit of a look to see how to get access to the display.

My question is if there is a specific way to get access to the screen? Can you get to it from the back of the synth by unscrewing everything that sits on top or do you need to remove the knobs and sliders and remove the top panel? I’ve looked through the service manual (no help) and there aren’t any sites or videos that I’ve found on servicing the keyboard.

Also - is the clear plastic screen attached/glued to the display?.. I recently changed the screen on my JD990 and had to cut the plastic screen away from the old display mounting.

Any info/tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated before I get stuck into it with a hammer and chisel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Many thanks.