Acquired an ensoniq ds-1

I recently brought a use ensoniq sd -1 the retail chain couldn’t even wipe it down when i called to pick it up in Manhattan. after getting stuck in traffic to get there I remember how it would just take 40 minutes to get there ah i digress. this keyboard is dirty wiping it down in the store it was being cleaned by the sanitizer wipes and paper towels turning black…mmm. I will do a full teardown to blow out all dust and wipe out all contaminants to see if the inside is dirty as the outside i have in there is any surprises. brought this from guitar center on good Friday just hoping it won’t need any upgrades I already see its missing a few screws one by the power jack. this is what happens when you buy used they said good condition so we will see, I worked 13 years in retail I would never have a customer come to pick up merchandise that wasn’t cleaned up. I lightly misted it with micro band on a tarp and left it in the back of my car not to bring it into my house. I forget $700 and it comes with one cartridges and and no software no manual they could have printed one out for me too scratching my head hoping not to have a lemon.:pray: :pray::musical_keyboard:

after posting this i completely cleaned the outside with wipes with a dap of Lysol power bathroom cleaner with paper towels the paper turn black removing the dirt and the inside with a can of air spray i blasted out all dirt and particles. the person who had this keyboard really neglected this synthesizer it should be criminal to do this. the give away was the rust on the screws on the back they all must be replace one screw on top was strip for the Allen key ; I used a sears torx bit to remove that strip screw. the inside is also in need of complete replacement of all the inside screws you guessed it from water getting into this machine. the transformer I think I might be in the market for another one heavy corrosion on the outside of the transformer wondering if to spray it down with deoxit