Alesis Hr 16B on off push button help!

Hi all,

My first post here - I’m looking to find a suitable power on/off push button for my Alesis HR 16B. When I bought it - it was missing, basically just a black hole in the back, however, it never seemed to be an issue as simply plugging the unit it made it turn on and work fine. I’ve now opened it and I see someone placed a piece of soldering wire? Or some sort of conductive metal in between the rails of the half present part. While it works, technically…I would love to track down a legitimate replacement part. The service manual seems to gloss over the details for this part… and there’s no one selling one Specifically for this machine. I see there’s one for the SR 16 for sale on Reverb, and something for sale here on Syntaur for another Alesis Drum machine… but I want to be sure I’m purchasing a replacement that works for this board. Any help? Many thanks.

Try to find and get one for the original HR-16. I bet they are functionally and mechanically identical. If not available, try to find photos to determine if it was a 2 position rocker switch or a push on, push off button type switch. I don’t recall after 3 decades since I saw one. Good luck.