Alesis Quadrasynth Plus Piano


I’m looking for an ‘A’ key for my keyboard. You list two keys for the Quadrasynth:

Style 03H key and Style 03W key but you don’t say which is for the original Quadrasynth and which is for the Quadrasynth Plus Piano, which I need. You also state that one is heavier than the other, but don’t say which one.

The piece that broke off is heavier than I was assuming it would be, so I am guessing that’s the Plus Piano one, but I don’t know.

Thank you!

Just look at the keys from underneath (you can see without removing anything). If the weight takes up the entire front portion of the key, then it is a K03W. If the weight is only half that size, then it is a K03H. Either the W or the H version will fit, and will work fine - and for all practical purposes, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

One style does not match the Quadrasynth, with the other matching the Plus Piano - as far as we have seen, Alesis used both key styles in these products. Thankfully, it’s easy to take a glance from underneath and be able to tell which you need.

Thank you, Sam! Here’s the underside of the broken piece, so im assuming it’s the K03W.

That is the fully weighted K03W key.