ARP Odyssey II 2810 filter bleed issue

Hello. I have been experiencing an issue with my vintage ARP Odyssey II 2810 where the oscillators, noise, and ring mod are bleeding through the filter and thus can still be heard when the filter cutoff is turned down to zero. Oddly, the sound sources can all still be heard even when their levels are all turned down to zero in the mixer section of the synth. I’ve heard talk in forums like Gearslutz and VSE that this is normal behavior for an Oddysey, but I have recently been able to spend some time with a whiteface MKI Odyssey and I did not experience this with that unit. I know they have different filter circuits, but seeing as the MKI has a 12 db/octave filter and the MKII (my unit) has a 24 db/octave design, shouldn’t the MKI be the one that leaves some frequencies behind as it filters the sound sources? It is my understanding that a 24 db/octave filter has a steeper cutoff slope and thus should not leave anything behind as it works its magic on the sound sources. I have recorded a short demo of this issue and would love to hear input as far as what can be done to remedy the issue, as it truly does bother me quite a bit. Thanks.

sound example