ARP Solus-dead # 2 oscillator

Hello fellow synthesizer heads! I am new to the forum and I have several questions regarding these old ARP Synthesizers. One in particular, is the ARP Solus. The one that I currently own has a dead # 2 oscillator. There is no visible physical damage to the circuit board. According to a couple of technicians that I’ve consulted with, they believe that it may be a bad IC. About 10 years ago, I had another Solus and when both of the oscillators are running “hot”, this Synth has a very “cutting” and “bite-through-the-mix” sound. Sadly, before I had to sell that keyboard, it’s # 2 oscillator went “dead”. This seems to be problematic with this model. Does anyone have any familiuararity with this model of ARP or suggestions on what may be wrong? Thanks!!