Arturia keylab 49 parts

Hi, I am actually reparing a Arturia keylab 49 midi controller and I am looking for the base where you fix the keys (see the link for pictures). One of the plastic parts that retain the key in position is broken and I do not have it anymore to glue it back on the frame, so I’m looking to replace it. It may come with or without the aftertouch strip. Also, if you have a DIY trick to replace that part so I dont have to replace the whole thing, it would be very cool! Thanks!

Did you ever get any nibbles on that? I’ve got at least a half dozen high keys on my Keylab. From everything I’ve read, Arturia basically had a bad run of keybeds for some of the Keylab49’s production run - bad batch of plastic or somesuch. The bosses that limit the key travel are really brittle, and they start breaking off if you so much as look at the thing. :expressionless: I’m at the point now where I think I’m going to design a brass or aluminum piece that will fix, I dunno, an octave at t time, or maybe the entire keybed, and get a friend to CNC-machine it for me. Either that, or 3dprint individual bosses out of plastic and epoxy 'em to the front edge of the bed.