ASR 10 Has some issues

Well the ASR 10 I just purchased from Reverb has some issues.
It does not want to initialize unless it has warmed up for about a half an hour.
It fails to format disks.
and the SCSI port cannot see the SCSI CD Rom drive.
I am not sure this is worth fixing or should I just ask for a refund?
I keep going back and forth.
Any thoughts out there on all this?

Those sound like three unrelated problems. If it won’t format a disk, then the drive is faulty (or has been replaced with one that is not compatible). Perhaps it is just dirty - you can try holding the flap open and blowing compressed air into it to dislodge any dust bunnies.

When it boots up, does it give the message ‘SCSI INSTALLED’? If so, then the ASR is seeing the SCSI port, and the problem lies with the CD drive or the connection. Like with disk drives, the ASR is very persnickity about which CD-ROM drives it will work with. So perhaps the drive is just not compatible. If it does not show the SCSI INSTALLED message, the SCSI interface is faulty or not installed correctly.

The booting up problem is yet another thing - though I can’t say what. But it has nothing to do with the disk drive or the SCSI. With three separate issues in a keyboard that (I’m presuming) was sold as a working unit, I’d be contacting the seller for some resolution.

Hello Sam,
The unit has to be allowed to warm up for a while , then it might initialize when you turn it off and back on. I think that is a bad solder joint somewhere. The SCSI is seen, but does not recognize the CD Drive. The Drive is branded Ensoniq. Probably just old. The format process starts and then fails after trying, but my TS can format the same disk. Not sure what the deal is. Difficult to say if these are minor fixes or deal breakers. lol… guess I will be going through your shelves for parts? LOL…