ASR-X Restoration

Hello all,
I am currently attempting to refurbish and restore an ASR-X by Ensoniq (Not an X pro!).
I am having trouble finding anywhere to purchase original or even third-party parts! Is anyone aware of where to get parts for the ASR? There are none on Ebay, Reverb, or even here on Syntaur they are all out of stock!

I am looking for the buttons with LED’s (or without), new button pads, springs for the pads, and perhaps new faceplates. (Unless someone has ideas on how to get scratches out of it?)

Thanks for any help.

No one will have new parts for this, so your only route will be finding used parts. We don’t have them often - we just don’t come across many ASR-X’s to part out. maybe in germany i saw often alot asr parts also at normal ebay but the asr x is not so much pruduce like the asr you can 3d print your bottons maybe you find a friend that know one you can buy cheap tacticle bottons. And maybe you make a paintjob with a special printer to cut a stencil than spray it so you got it like orginal.

sandpaper best polishing maschine you can build it