Bad power? VoicePrism (I knew this day would come)

My TC Helicon VoicePrism lcd display began flickering and then the unit rebooted while in use and continued to flicker. Never had that happen before but maybe software bug? Then the LED numeric display went out. So now I’m thinking power is unsteady. I pulled the unit and plugged it in on my workbench and it continued to flicker, so I pulled the PSU to see if the caps were bulging or leaking. The PSU is an Analog Vision 41202-00600. Caps appear fine, although there is white stuff on them, which I think is glue. No bulging or noticeable leakage. Measurements on the PSU were 10.2v.
I’m not a tech, but I’ve managed to fix a few things. I was hoping I’d see something obviously wrong that I could repair. Looking for ideas on how to proceed. Thanks.