BOSS BR-900CD missing LCD / CD-Rom Eject

Hello :slight_smile:

First let me thank you for letting me join this forum .
I much also apologise in advance if my english is a little off , I am from Norway. .

I have been repairing electronics the last 30 years . Very in to 80 - 90 electronics.

Recently aquired an Boss BR-900CD :
LCD baklight is ok , but no information is shown on display.
The CD Rom does not eject, seems to be missing power.

My thought is that these are related , missing voltage ?
IC2 , the first after the DC Jack delivers 4,4 Volt , should this be 5 Volt , hmm
IC1 , DC - DC converter meassures 47 Volt after the inductor, not sure i meassure correctly on this circuit , i dont have the schematics.

So good people , does anyone had this problem before and solved it ?
I would greatly appreciate any tips . And hopefully someone can provide me with the schematics.

Have a great day :slight_smile: As good as it can be :slight_smile: