Casio HT 6000 Won't Power On HALP! newbie alert!

Hello I just signed on my name is Jack Bronzesnake. I was lead rock vocalist/writer/rhythm guitar player close to 30 years pro. I’m retired but still get out for the occasional unplugged performances at local pubs. I also love performing classic rock live with my old buddies. There’s my dearest lifelong friend/brother Dave on lead, I play rhythm usually acoustic. I have an Epiphone Excellente or I’ll use my Epiphone LP Jr. Then there’s my old friend/brother Rob on bass and “Phat Steve” AKA “Barney Rubble” on drums.

I’m North of my birth city Toronto about 70 or 80 miles North in a small quaint lakeside town which I LOVE!! I built our current house with my two eldest sons down a quiet street 200 yards from the lake surrounded by old growth forest, it’s really our little piece of Paradise here, my wife and I just love it.

I lost my beautiful wee (105 pounds) “Betty” my Old English Bulldogge a year ago this past December and that will always be heart crushing. Betty was my one in a lifetime special dog and I miss her so dear; We have a male Old English Bulldog “Beans” and my wife just got a Jerk Russell “Cricket” who decided to be my shadow! He never leaves my side!! Literally, I’ve never had a dog that is literally my shadow!! My wife and I also have four parrots, each one of them a complete menace!!

OK, since I’m introducing myself here somewhat, I’ll give the lowdown!! so I was given this Casio HT 6000 by a music teacher at a school our sons attended at the time, which was about 15 years back, because I helped her carry some heavy crap from the classroom to her car at the end of that school year.

So, the Casio was just sitting on a table and I asked if she wanted me to put it in her car also, and she says no you can have it!! She didn’t know if it worked was all she said and she did not have to ask me if I wanted it twice!!

Of course it didn’t and doesn’t work!
I never got around to it until now some fifteen years later!! Now that’s some Olympic procrastination right there son!! I’ve won medals for putting shyte off just ‘axe’ my wife!!

So, I don’t have the adapter handy but it didn’t power on with that or with six brand spanking new 1.5 V D batteries! Hmmm…I did not know you could get batteries for VD fellas!! yuk

I know there’s an internal battery but I have no idea whether that’s the problem of not. Knowing exactly NOTHING about anything to do with this HT 6000 I thought I throw a line out first and see if I got any bites!!

I’d be more than superficially grateful for any help here gents and/or ladies as well as anything other…(have to careful these days folks get all pear shaped if you plug in the wrong pronouns n such!! "(

Preemptive THANKEE!!
Jack ~‘()’~

Welcome to the board!

I never got around to it until now some fifteen years later!! Now that’s some Olympic procrastination right there son!! I’ve won medals for putting shyte off just ‘axe’ my wife!!

Fifteen’s not bad. It took me about 40 years to finish building a PAiA Proteus 1. Okay, I built it in a few weeks, but it took me that long to get back around to finding out why it sounded so bad. Even earned a degree in electronics within that time. That turned out to be one very expensive monophone keyboard, what with the price of tuition. :rofl:

That looks like a pretty decent little keyboard. I hope we can get it working cheap.

What is your experience with electronics? Do you own a multimeter? I think you’re off to a good start. If you don’t have a good power supply, it’s not going to work.

It’s not working with either an adapter or batteries… Are you sure that the adapter is working? Is it the one that came with it? Or a universal adapter? Might need to check polarity. How do the battery contacts look?

Internal battery could be an issue. I would open it up and examine it and any wires. Also check the system board for any gunk. After 15 years any batteries could have leaked, and there may be some corrosion. That battery could also be a dead short.