Casio PX555r: Noisy Weighted-Hammer Key Bed

I’ve got an aging PX555r: I love it but… after years of use, the keybed is unpleasantly noisy… “clacky”.
So I’ve taken it apart and it looks like the noise is coming from the weighted hammers:

  • As I press down on a key, the end of weighted hammer pivots upward and makes contact with a felt strip.
  • The strip is indented along its length: wherever the hammers make contact, the felt is compacted.
  • So I’ve tried pricking or “fluffing” the felt at each indentation in the felt, but I don’t think this will resolve the problem…at least not for a satisfactory length of time.
  • I’m toying with the idea of applying a very thin felt strip on top of the existing strip. However, this will reduce hammer travel distance and is sure to affect key play.
  • Are replacement strips available for purchase? I was thinking I’d remove the existing strip (peel it off) and stick a new one in-place (finicky job with all the weighted hammers in the way). But is such a replacement part even available anywhere? I’ve looked online, but I’m a newbie… I may not even be using the right terminology for my searches.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

considering the end travel of the hammer will not make any difference in midi velocity, i’d go for a new felt. try any piano restorer, they have several types of felt that would get close to the OEM. In most cases it time for a new keyboard. they are not like pianos where the art of piano making is still old school where designed obsolescence was not in their vocabulary. plus new pianos are quite expensive in comparison.

Hi Stealthy.
Yes, I’ve been looking at piano-restorer sites and will probably buy a felt strip to replace the existing strip. I’ll report back in a few weeks.
I also have a Nord 2 (weighs a freakin’ ton!) But I really like the Privia… I like the action (until recentky). I like the piano sounds. It’s a lot lighter (than the Nord) for gigging. And I like to try and fix things.
Thanks again.