Crumar Performer Key / Sustain issue

Hi there! Long-time Syntaur customer - first-time poster.

I have two Crumar Performers that are exhibiting a very similar issue. The short version of it is, one key (different on each synth) is cutting out the sustain of the note(s).

On one synth, it’s cutting out the sustain of the entire synth (for example, if I have several notes ringing out - if I hit the one bad key - it cuts them all off).

On the other synth, the key is cutting itself off but not the others.

On both synths, everything else is fine. All the sliders have been cleaned, the frequency divider IC’s have been replaced/serviced, mechanically all the keys are fine.

Has anyone experienced this before? Any tips? I’m not a professional tech but I’ve been able to do some simple servicing/repairs myself.

That is almost certainly an issue related to the keybed, and most likely to the key contacts. Because it happens from just a single key, that pretty much rules out anything after the keybed.

It’s been a while since I’ve been inside a Performer, but check to make sure that the key contacts are hitting (and releasing from) the bus bars in the correct order on those troublesome keys. A bend in the contact spring could be causing this.