CS40M, changing pitch when attach expression pedal

When I connected Yamaha original expression pedal in the inputs of filter and volume foot control everything works as it should with controlling it with the pedals, but the keyboard tones goes up a half tone in the lower register and the octave tones are not in tune anymore.

I got three of the pedals that I tried.
They work as they should, controling volume and filter.
So no worrys there.

The problem I have is when I conect them to CS40M, the key of the tone changes when I play the keys. It raises half tone in the lower register and all the keys are slightly out of tune.
When I remove the pedal connectors the keys are in tune again.
Very strange.

Anyone have any clue why this happen?

What is “Yamaha original expression pedal” that you are using here?
Pedals for SUSTAIN and PORTAMENTO (switch) are different from VOLUME and FILTER (potentiometer).

You may also need to calibrate the unit as well.