CZ-101 replacement red LED source?

I picked up a broken CZ-101 for free (wooohoo!) recently. It had battery leak damage but was repairable. I replaced the power port and power switch and the dead screen. Everything seems to work, but 2 of the red LEDs are dead. Buttons work, but the leds never light.

I’m trying to find a source for these, and so far the only thing I’ve found that even comes close shape wise is this:

They’re 2 tier, about 5mm wide and about 1.5mm thick at the top and 3.5mm wide on the lower half. They’re about 8mm tall plus the leads. I don’t even know what to call this style of led.

On a side note, I found a replacement power switch. If you google SW027APM03 you can find it. The button shaft is too tall, but it’s made so that it’s easy to clip off the top most tier of the shaft. Once that’s done and you clean off that clipped part so it’s flush, the switch cap clips on nicely and it works great.

That’s an NTE part, double check the dimensions here;

That Digikey link doesn’t work for me)

If you can find a copy of the service manual that might also help. All I can find is just the schematics without the parts list.

Yeah, the dimensions aren’t right, I just wanted to show the shape. Honestly I’m not sure it’s something that I can even find unless someone parts out an old board. For now I’ve ordered some 2mmx5mm leds off amazon and I’ll see if they fit in the openings. I only need 2 so if I have to shave the edge a bit I will, just to make them fit. They won’t have the two tier shape, but hopefully they’ll stay in place anyway. I’ll post back if they work or don’t work.

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