Digital Noise from DSP on output (Nord Lead 3)

My Nord Lead 3 Keyboard suddenly has frequent bits of harsh digital noise on the output. It is not noise from a cable or faulty connection. It sounds much more like the engine itself is making the noise.

Any ideas on what might be wrong? I’m sorry to say that near the time this started I had sprayed Deoxit on the main encoder. This is somewhat above the motherboard so I wonder if some dripped down and caused a problem. Perhaps only a coincidence.

An example is at:

Any input is appreciated.

Did you spray the Deoxit while the keyboard was powered on or did you power it on before the Deoxit fully dried? Deoxit is advertised as being non-conductive, however it should still be allowed to dry before powering up because even non-conductive liquids can begin to conduct after being exposed to air. If you waited before powering it on then the Deoxit probably didn’t cause the problem.

I’m not the most familiar with Nord internals to offer much more help but judging by the audio clip it does sound like something with the digital sound processing/generation is malfunctioning. It’s probably worth reaching out to Nord to see if they can offer any guidance because it may be a tricky problem to diagnose.

Try: power off, remove any residual deoxit with 99% isopropyl or denatured alcohol, let dry completely perhaps aided by a hair dryer, then power on & test.