Drumtraks Data to DAW

Hey, I have a goofy question. MY Drumtraks data is saved/loaded via cassette tape (which I have saved/loaded many times over the years). My question: is that data MIDI? If so, if I get one of those cassette capture via USB to laptop I am hoping this converts the tape date into MIDI data which I can then put into my DAW??

Or any other suggestions on how to import Drumtraks data into my DAW?


Loaded into what? Maybe there is an idea but need a little more …

No. It’s an audio representation of the digital memory that stores drum patterns in the unit. You’ll have to load each tape into the Drumtrax then record MIDI out for each song into your DAW in real time.

Thanks and Oh man, I was afraid of that! I wonder if it will seperate out the pad sounds of the patterns (bass, snare, toms, hats, claps, etc) ??