Dsi poly evolver voice1 intermittent trigger issue

Hi syntanr group. Recently bought this synth and noticed when I leave it on for a while and nothing plugged in to any midi ports. voice 1 triggers intermittently by itself. I ruled out cant be keyboard as if it was a faulty connection it would cycle through each voice.

I have tried looking for a service manual but no joy.

If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. As I might have to take it back to the seller or get a part refund to cover the repair.


This could be a complex problem to track down. But the good news is that Dave Smith and crew offer really wonderful customer support. If you haven’t tried already, contact them directly, and I bet you’ll get some good help. If you are the original buyer, they may supply the needed parts at no charge.

I hope I’m not talking this up too much (I can’t speak for DSI, of course), but certainly try this route first.