DX7IIfd 13 Dead Keys

Hello, I’m repairing a DX7IIfd which has a dead lowest octave. Taking it apart, I can see corrosion has aided in the breaking of the C1 key’s contact. The metal piece has a clean cut through it near the plastic molding. Would that be the culprit for the while range of keys not working? I was wondering if simply resoldering that piece of metal would solve the problem (doesn’t look like a fun task) or if there was any other work arounds apart from trying to source a whole new key assembly board. Has anyone dealt with this before? Thanks for any help!

Hello, were you able to repair the dead octave? I’m working on a DX7IIFD with 12 dead keys from C#3 up to C4.

Hi, it’s been a while since this took place but if I remember correctly the broken metal piece was connecting that octave to ground and cleaning the corrosion with sandpaper and resoldering this connection fixed problem. I think I actually had to solder a wire between the two metal points because the corrosion was so bad but it did work afterwards.

Thank you for the reply. Did this require disassembling the keyboard assembly itself (removing individual keys, etc)? Or were you able to repair the contacts just by detaching the keyboard assembly from the chassis and working on it intact? I’m wondering if the corroded contact you found is one of those little metal tabs on the underside of the keys.