E-MU Emulator III Card Cage / Motherboard needed

Hi there!

Last year I managed to get hold of nearly all pcbs from an EIII Rack, just the panel board and the card cage with the mother board were missing. A few moments ago I found your offer of the keyboard version of the panel board and the panel overlay, which I already ordered. Now I still need to find a mother board with the card cage to be able to test the pcbs and I wonder whether you have an Idea where to find one. My ultimate dream would be to find a cannibalized rack housing if affordable…

If the motherboard cannot be found, some high res images of the motherboard and some measurements would still be helpful, if at hand, as I then could compare the schematics found in the EIII service manual with the board itself to be sure that they are identical and would recreate the board.

Any help would be highly appreciated
Best regards and greetings from Austria



If there will be a worst case, and you wont be able to restore EIII and will be selling the boards - please pm me.

All the best,