Emu emax function panel buttons inactive

Hi there ! After succesfully installing a new hxc on my Emax i have been finally able to boot it and go further in my retoration process. I noticed some of the buttons on the panel acting silly. After a board and rubbers cleaning things went much better except that after 5 minutes of use the emax freezed. When rebooting none of the panel buttons seemed to workand the emax is like “freezed” . Display is functional and everything is working except these buttons … any idea ?

Hi there!
Silly question is this an Emax Rack or Keyboard?

Also what did you use to clean the “board”?
Which board was this?
and did you allow sufficient time for the board to dry before firing it up?

It also never hurts to go back and look for loose connections or wiring harnesses that may have accidentally gotten swapped.

Let me know!
would love to hear this machine once it’s working.

All the best,

This is the keyboard version. I used isopropyl alcohol and let it dry enough. Just after that all was perfectly working except that it worked for 5 minutes ! After that it just … freezed !

Have you checked voltages on the power supply?
That’s usually a good starting point

and does it still freeze with the old floppy drive installed?

Power supply is brand new and all voltages are ok ! And yes it also freezed with the old floppy disk

Just a wild hunch but it sounds like the CPU isn’t getting clock or something of that nature.

Wish I could be of more help