Emu Emax I - Non Working Keys

I recently picked up an Emax Emu I. The keys did not work, which we thought would just require a simple contact cleaning but that did not resolve the problem.

Going deeper we replaced the logic chip for the keyboard but that didn’t solve the issue either.

Do we need a new CPU/Full CPU board?

I see you are out of stock, is that something you ever happen to get in or should I try to find another non working Emax and frankenstein them into one working Emax?

If none of the keys do anything, I would suspect an issue with the connection to the keybed. Is the ribbon cable firmly seated and not damaged?

Next thing to try would be playing the Emax from another keyboard via MIDI - that will tell you if the rest of it works okay.

I should have mentioned the rest of the functionality worked when we connected to it via midi.

Will investigate the keybed, maybe we went a step too far and should have started there. Thanks for the input, will report back. :slight_smile: