EMU EMAX SE issues, help/advice needed

I am having some issues with an EMU EMAX SE. When I record samples into the unit, the resulting waveforms are distorted. There is a low level static sound in every sample. It is more noticable in quiter samples or samples with silent parts. I’ve tried using various cables, tried various sample sources, same result.

Also, when I lower the VCA volume of a sample/voice internally via the Analog Processing section, I hear a different type of distortion. It’s like a ghost image of the sample made up of noise. The more I lower the sample VCA volume, the more audible the noise becomes. When the sample volume is lowered all the way down to -48 db, the distortion plays whenever a key is pressed. There is a faint sort of popping sound at the beginning. The distortion is like an impression of the sample, composed of noise.
Any ideas of how to remedy these issues would be greatly appreciated.