Emulator 2 no display and Button activation

Hope I word this understandably!!!
I have a E2 (I have owned since 1987) that has been sitting a case for last 10 years since the disk drives stopped loading sounds. Currently when powering on the red lights all flash 1 time and the Display stays blank (so seems that it is getting power).

I am not qualified to repair this at all! I would love to try and get this up and running again if cost doesn’t prohibit me. I am looking for recommendations for a vintage key repair guy hopefully near Nashville TN USA. But I will transport it if needed. Any recommendations are appreciated or things I might easily check. I am going to assume I need a new display.

Start with the power supply voltage rails. Make sure they are in spec. The display backlight may be on but that doesn’t mean all the electronics are getting adequate power. If the CPU loads the boot rom you should at least see something on the display.

Thanks and I am going that route first

How did you make out on this?

Thanks for asking, got it to boot but was able to get it to load sounds from disk. I decided to drop at a shop in Cincinnati. He has had or about 7 weeks and waiting to hear back still, Will update ASAP on outcome