Ensoniq ASR 10 No sound problem

Hi. My name is Josua and live in Spain.
I have an Ensoniq ASR10 keyboard since the 90’s. Recently I replugged it and have the following problem: It boots and loads disks with no problem. The lights indicating Audio IN are permanently ON (red colour) and the keyboard makes no sound even with sounds clearly loaded . No output sound using the main audio out or neither with headphones. The fuses in the internal power supply seem to be Ok. Anyone here has any idea of what to check?

Thanks a lot in advance and also to Syntaur creating this community

Best regards

Try the following.

1- re-seat the analogue board cables,
2- verify voltage per the service manual.
3- if you have an oscilloscoe, test the inputs and outputs of the TDA 1541.

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Also double check the capacitors on the analog board.

Those two lights indicate that fuses F6 and F7 have blown.
1A Slow Blow if I recall correctly.
This issue is in the ASR-10 service manual.