Ensoniq eps errors

Hi so got an EPS the other week and it’s having some issues. Everything boots fine, latest OS. I am unable to load any preset sounds, from either floppy or a floppy emulator - it shows no instrument and when I press an arrow to select a file from the drive it gets an error and want to reboot. Sometimes I am able to engage sampling, most of the time I get an error and wants to reboot. When I am able to sample, a few time it worked fine, other times the sample sounds a bit distorted or there is a glitch in it. I tried upgrading the ROM to latest version (it had an old version) and I installed the floppy emulator, neither really had an effect. I also reseated as many connectors as I could see, data and power.

The seller of course said everything worked great previously. The errors are mostly 131, 137, I did get an 18 a couple of times which was worrying. I have not checked the power supply voltages yet as I’m new to electronic repair, but I did see one of the capacitors was leaning over and I believe the transformer is making an audible physical hum. Any thoughts would be appreciated, I believe it was built in ‘88. Thanks,