Ensoniq EPS16+ problem

I’m hoping someone has some answers and/or can confirm my suspicions:

I recently had my power supply refurbished for my EPS16+. This was largely due to some occasional odd things such as menu selections jumping, loading an instrument and it not taking once…considering age and that PSUs fail for the EPS a lot, figured why not? Sent it out and then got it back. I put the PSU back into my keyboard, reconnected all the connections, worked!

However, the odd thing was that after I had loaded the first instrument (the piano off the OS disk), it was always loaded. I could load other instruments, but it would play the piano with the new instrument. Basically the piano was always loaded. I deleted all the instruments and with no instrument loaded or selected, it would play the piano. I would turn it off, it played the piano. I disconnected the SCSI, it played the piano. I could apply effects to the piano, though the menu flow was odd honestly. I felt like it wasn’t going through the correct flow.

Odd thing as well - when I powered up, it said ENSONIQ EPS16 on the display, then SCSI INSTALLED, then SEARCHING FOR SCSI DEVICE. Before I sent out the PSU, it said ENSONIQ EPS16, SEARCHING FOR SCSI DEVICE, then SCSI INSTALLED. Which is a peculiar switch.

So I opened everything up, disconnected all the various socketed cables and reconnected them, popped all the chips that were removable and resocketed them and NOW the keyboard will only power on in self test mode.

So, my suspicion is (maybe before but certainly now) my problem is maybe bad EPROM chips/firmware? Seems unlikely that the PSU is the culprit considering it all powered on originally. The constant playing piano seems like an operating command issue.

There is some mentions on some forums of the UART chip going bad and not allowing communication between the display and main board. It’s possible, but could that also explain the constant piano?

Any help/advice from anyone would be appreciated.

I’m not familiar with the EPS but perhaps there’s a hard reset procedure available. Maybe the PSU had been holding a charge in the capacitors - then when it was out for so long it caused some sort of disruption (had something similar on a CZ-101 after being off power for a long time). I assume there’s some sort of reset procedure - give it a try.