Ensoniq EPS16+ Rack -> no sound on aux output

Hello everyone!

I get an Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus last week.
Everything seem to work fine, sound coming out from Ouput left/right and Audio IN working great but when i send a track to Aux 1, Bus 2 or Bus 3 i didnt get any sound.

is it a common issue ? do i have to get a whole new board for Audio output ? maybe its only the ribbon cable who connect the boards together ?

Thank you All!

Unless I am mistaken, you can only access those three busses (Bus 2, Bus 3, Aux1) via the outputs that are on the Oex-6 Output Expander. It is a separate unit to the EPS that you connect via a special 8 pin mini Din cable.
Where are you? I am in Australia and have an Oex-6 for sale. No cable though, but I do have the pin connections for altering a standard cable to connect it to the EPS. (same as my ASR-10). Don’t connect a standard cable or you will damage your EPS. (like I did to my ASR-10 which is now repaired)

Hi Michael!

I was looking to the Oex-6 Output expander and it have the same access (Aux1, Bus2, Bus 3) ?
I dont understant why i would buy a output expander if i already have those x6 output on my EPS.
What about the 8pin mini DIN ? i dont see where a would connect this cable. does it requiere an internal modification ?

Thanks for reply!! have a great day

Antoine(From Spain)


Hi Antoine,
I didn’t realise that you had a rack mount EPS16+. While the outputs are on the back of the unit, I am not sure whether something had to be done internally?
I have tried looking online to see what I could find. Couldn’t find anything.