Ensoniq ESP Chip Question

Does anyone know if the Ensoniq ES5510000106 ESP chip will work in place of a dead 5510000102 on a EPS-16 Plus? There are no data sheets available for these ICs that I know of and I’m unable to source a 5510000102 but have found a few ES5510000106’s available.

Thank you!

I just answered my own question here: I received another EPS-16 that has the ES5510000106 installed and is working fine. So a 5510000102 or ES5510000106 will work in an EPS-16 if anyone is wondering.


That’s good to know, thanks!

Hi, that’s good to know.
It seems those ESP were everywhere on ensoniq gear, synths and FX before 1996.
I would be interested in buying an Ensoniq ESP for my broken Ensoniq DP4.
the model is ESPR6 ES5510000106 with 5.25V input.

thanks a lot for your answer!

I wonder if I can replace a faulty 5510000106 with an 5510000102 ? 5510000106 requires 5.25V
Any clue?
thanks a lot in advance