Ensoniq ESQ-1 5th voice not working

I got in an Ensoniq ESQ-1 that the 5th voice does not play.
I ran the test and all filters come up good, I even swopped the ICs with and other ESQ-1 I have and still voice 5 does not work.
Does any one have any ides or a schematic ?



I would check the capacitors around the IC first. Make sure one is not open or shorted, etc.


I’ll check the caps.

You were right, it was a shorted capacitor to ground on pin 12 of CEM3379.
Thanks for you help.


Awesome. Caps are probably the issue 90% of the time. I usually check them all if I have to take the board out. A simple ohm meter that has a continuity beep is a quick way. If it beeps continuously in both directions, it’s usually a sign of going bad. It will beep once if there is a charge of course, but it should stop when checking again when swapping +/-. You do not have to remove them from the board to test in this way either for the most part. If you suspect a bad one after testing, then remove it and test again, etc.