Ensoniq esq-1 display data issues

Hey hivemind,

The case on my esq-1 slammed shut and the display hasn’t been working since. I unhooked the four cable adapter from the display, turned it back on, pressed the buttons and yes, the display is registering numbers/letters/symbols. The internet sleuthing I’ve done indicates that there is a communications error happening from the main board to the display, what is the best way to hunt that down?


While I was checking out the display board, I did find two of the caps had started goingBad caps, display board, so I’ve removed those and ordered new ones. I checked the main board and power board and it all looks fine, continuity works throughout.

Since you get the characters when you press panel buttons, the display itself is working correctly, and so yes, it is not communicating with the main board. This can be an issue with a ribbon cable, with the connectors it plugs into, or in the worst case scenario, the main board itself.

The best starting point is to unplug and replug each of the ribbon cable ends. If that doesn’t work, we have even had luck removing a ribbon cable and reversing it end for end. You might also try spraying some contact cleaner, like DeOxit, onto the pins of the connectors. Good luck!