Ensoniq Mirage: "Dead" keys.. kind of

Hello everyone!

Last time I posted about a Mirage that came in the mail broken by the shipping company. I managed to replace the floppy drive with another one from what I believe is a rack version (it’s smaller). ANYWAY

I’ve got five keys that dont make sound anymore BUT they all ring at the same time whenever I load a sound or a sequence… So they shouldn’t be dead but something is causing them to not sound at the right moment… Can anybody help me with this ??
Thank you :slight_smile:

My Mirage DSK-1 had the lower octave that would not respond at all. I removed the keybed and took it apart to check out the board. I found corrosion on the traces where one was cracked not allowing power flow. I cleaned it up and soldered a thin jumper wire. All good now.

In your case it may be similar or even a short. Main thing is to check all of the traces with a multimeter and visually first.


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I’ll have a look. I just hope it’s not something in the board… I don’t know yet where the component that deals with the notes being played is… It’s weird that there’s no apparent pattern of dead notes, so something in the board is playing all the DEAD notes ONCE everytime I load something… I’ve never encountered this before so yeah if anyboby has an idea…

You can try disconnecting the keyboard ribbon cable from the main board. Power up the keyboard and see if you still get notes being played. This will tell you if the problem is with the keybed or main board.

As an update, someone I know made a good point about:
He suspects that those keys are considered ALWAYS pressed because of some bad contact or something.
That makes sense, you can’t play them because the gate is still “on” and they all ring when loading a sound… i’ll now open it for real and see what comes out of it.