Ensoniq MR Rack questions and advise?

By sheer chance, I stumbled this morning on a post from someone else that’s also working on one, and he seems further along than me so I may just wait and see… See last page of thread.

Also FYI, the MRC-1 ROM card presets are now available on the Fumph archive, in SysEx form: https://www.fumph.com/unofficial-ensoniq-mrzr-archive/

Looks like Fumph website no longer exists…Unfortunately archive.org did not capture the MRC-1 rom file (mrc_1.zip).

If someone has it, It would be greatly apreciated !
Many thanks.

I know longer have my MR, but I found a folder on my computer called “Ensoniq MRC-1 ROM Card”, with 3 files within it: mrc1a.syx, mrc1b.syx, mrc1c.syx. This seems promising! You can grab it here, let me know if it works… https://defectiverecords.com/temp/Ensoniq_MRC-1_ROM_Card.zip

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Thank you !!! Thats looks good indeed…I’m servicing my MR right now.
I’ll give a try asap :wink: