Ensoniq SD1/21 voice to an Ensoniq SD1/32 voice

I just wanted to find out if an Ensoniq SD1 21 voice can be upgraded to a 32 voice. I see “Upgrade kits” for sale on various sites that claim to:
1) increase the Ensoniq SD1 21 voice to a 32 voice,
2) increase the sequencer memory from 25,000 to 75,000, and
3) upgrade the OS system to the final version, 4.10.

I guess I am a bit skeptical because I’ve seen synths that actually have voice chip cards that have to be installed in slots, much like adding a RAM chip to a computer (think Juno 106, etc.)

Any help would be appreciated.

David Pope

I bought one of those kits out of curiosity when I wanted to update my SD1. It contains four chips to upgrade RAM and OS.

I’ve done a comparison between the 21 and 32 voice ROM sets for v4.10, and haven’t encountered any differences. I also haven’t noticed anything different (as far as voices) since the upgrade, nor did I expect anything.

I believe that an actual 32 voice upgrade would require replacement of the main board in order to provide the hardware needed.

As I suspected… TY