Ensoniq SQ-80 Nasty Case Chip

I just bought an SQ-80 for an extremely discounted price. It came with a nasty chip out of the lid. I need to replace several parts and clean it up (it looks like it was under water, though I know it wasn’t). A few keys don’t work. I still need to replace the battery.

For the most part, I think I can handle most of it but I have been unable to come up with any creative ideas to fix the chipped plastic issue. I would gladly replace the lid if I could find one but it doesn’t appear to be available for replacement. Any creative ideas on how to deal with this?


  • Paul

Does anyone know of any place equipped to 3d print a lid like this? It’s just a thought… of course, it may be too expensive, but I think it is worth checking.

+ Paul

Some JB Weld kung-fu should take care of the hole, but matching the finish texture will be a challenge.

You could also 3D print a custom patch that fits the hole, glue it in place, then bondo & paint.

Instead of trying to hide a small chip, eliminate it by going larger. Cut the rest of that strip out and replace it with something else. Perhaps a metal strip painted the same color. Or even building a custom wooden style case.