Ensoniq SQ1+32 and TS10 L1 Inductor Questions

As far as the SQ1+ 32 board, does anyone there happen to know what the specs are for the L1 inductor? It’s not really matching up on the color code charts is why I ask. Assuming these are older obsolete inductors being why. For the C69 capacitor. I’m assuming it’s 0.1uf like most of them. This is the same inductor L1 on the TS10 mainboard. It should say on the schematic, but I can’t find it online.

These both are dead components.

Pictures attached.

Someone sent me the specs. L1 is 0.82uH and C69 is 56pf 5% NPO
Parts have been ordered. Fingers crossed. :wink:

I ended up finding a spare SQ2 32 mainboard on eBay for $25. Swapped it out and put in the SQ1+32 OS chips. All good to go now!