Ensoniq SQ80 filter

Hello all! I have an SQ80 and have always thought it sounded pretty dark. The last few days I have been listening to some youtube vids of factory sounds and feel like the ones Im seeing \ hearing have much more HF content than mine. For example, a straight unfiltered SQ wave on mine still feels like there should be more going on at the top end. I wonder if this is an age / calibration thing? Or if its just like that…
I saw a post on a different forum about removing some caps in the OP section to make it “sound more like an ESQ-1” - not sure if thats a good idea or not!
Any input gratefully received!

You can automatically calibrate the filters by pressing the Master and Filter buttons simultaneously - maybe this will help. The page this brings up will show the filter calibration setting for each of the voices, and if one of them is faulty, you will see a markedly different value for that voice.

hold the Record and Filter buttons to recalibrate