Ensoniq SQ80 memory issues (not battery)

Hello all,
I’m new to joining the forum but have been using it as a resource for years. My first post is a bit of a head scratcher. I have an sq80 that’s worked fine for years, replaced the battery (twice now) and never had any issues until recently. For whatever reason, I’m having to hard reset (via r1 ground pin) every couple weeks. tested all voltages from psu and the voltages are within service manual spec. But every time i load in my sound banks from floppy drive, they work fine for a week, absolutely zero issues, then all the sudden it gives me a battery error and it doesn’t recall any sounds that were loaded into the internal memory. 50% of the time a soft reset doesn’t work either. battery is reading fine btw, basically brand new.

Does anyone have any suggestions or troubleshooting advice on this? Its driving me crazy I cant figure this out…
thanks in advance to any who respond