Ensoniq TS-10 Fuses

My TS-10 stopped working although the disply lit up a few ‘boxes’ on each side. I checked the fuses. F2 & F3 were both blown. I replaced them and F3 immediately blew again but F2 held. The keyboard seems to be working 100% even without the F3 fuse. Does this sound right?

The juice through F3 feeds the display board, and also parts of the main board. I would unplug all the other circuit boards from the power supply, replace F3, then power up. If the fuse still blows, something on the power supply needs repair.

If it doesn’t blow, plug in the main board, and see if it blows. If you’re still good, plug in the display board and see what happens. In this manner, you can isolate the problem to one board (whichever one causes it to blow when plugged back in).

Thanks! Ended up being one shorted diode.

Congrats on getting that repaired!