Ensoniq VFX ESP chip needed

I’m not sure if this is against the forum rules, but I didn’t see anything about inquiring for possible external sales in the faq.
I’ve been watching Synth Wizards for a while and I started really wanting an Ensoniq synth. These are quite rare in Europe, so I ended up with a VFX.
When I bought it, I was expecting and hoping it only needed a battery, because the seller described it as having “wierd noises in patches”. It indeed needed a battery, but it also needs (I’m pretty sure) an EPS effects chip. That’s where the noise has been coming from.
I’ve looked online for a bit today, and I couldn’t find one for sale, not even on Syntaur. If someone has a VFX parts machine, or some parts lying around, contact me. I really want to get this synth going, I’ve gotten it to make cleanish sounds with the effects turned off, and I really like it.

I bought a Yamaha AN1X with a similar issue, noises in some sounds. It was a bad connection (DSP card loose).

It may be your VFX just needs a chip reseating. I don’t have a VFX, but looking at repair videos on youtube I can see it uses PLCC chips for some components. These are notorious for making bad contact. I would get a PLCC chip puller tool, clean all the contacts and refit the chips.

The ESP is a DIP chip, it will be worth cleaning that too of course. Sometimes the process of lifting and reinserting can resolve issues.

Thanks for the reply and the suggestion, It’s a really good one that would fix many issues.
Unfortunately, I’ve already tried it and had no luck, reseating the chip twice and cleaning the socket with contact cleaner. It didn’t make it worse though, at least that’s a positive.

There’s one on ebay. Oh hold on, that’s a different part number :confused:

It apparently will work, the site vintagesynthparts lists the 106 as an alternative part for the 102.


Confirmed here on this forum of all places :slight_smile:

Hello again,
Thanks for the tip about the chip on ebay. I’ll look into it a bit more, I’m not quite sure about the different part no., but I’ll consult a few Ensoniq specialists and I’ll see if this is an option.
I talked a bit yesterday to Thesoniq, he also has these chips, but he was adamant that DIY installation was not possible because of differing voltages. I’ll call him again, and I’ll see what he says. He seems to be really knowledgable about this, and I hope that he’ll consult me a bit about the installation and won’t keep it a secret.

Okay, I bought the chip in Italy. That’s the search done, now I’ll have to look into those voltages before installation.

Do you know where I can get one ES5510000106 ESP ? thx

I actually have one, but in unknown condition. I was told that it would work in place of my 5510xxxx01, but it did not (probably incompatible). Now I’m going thru the return process on ebay, the seller is https://ebay.com/usr/halion16370.
He has means to test this chip again and see if it still works (it probably does). You can contact him regarding this part (he may have more), and he’ll probably be able to help.