Ensoniq VFX SD Issues

I am a novice when it comes to repair/diagnosis so be kind! I bought a VFX SD that has some on again off again issues. It freezes, glitches and everything in between. I get the calibration error message and the 144 error message. A hard reset seems to fix it (for now). I was wondering, if it is a key-bed calibration issue, can I just detach the key-bed entirely and use it as a module?

Thank you

One might wonder about the power supply when experiencing “flaky” or random inconsistent symptoms. One might want to start there checking the supply voltages coming in and out of it, and checking for overheating or dry heat sink compound (or thermal pads). It’s usually easy to access a PSU inside a case, disconnect and test it or substitute a bench power supply temporarily in its place to see if any symptoms recur.