Ensoniq VFX System 32 error

I have just realised what was causing my SYSSTEM 32 error on my VFX. When I load a sound which contains the ‘8 Voice Chorus’ is brings up the error. I confirmed this by loading a working sound and manually changing the effect to the 8 voice chorus and it crashed.

I was thinking it could be the ‘Ensoniq ESP signal processor chip, 5510000102’ .

Does anyone have any experience with this error?

Those error messages don’t reveal too much info, without being hooked up to Ensoniq’s diagnostics computer. But it sounds like you’re on the right track. I’m presuming you’ve tried reinitializing - but if you haven’t, definitely do that next.

If it still crashes, you might try removing and then re-seating the ESP chip. If you still get the error after that, make friends with someone who owns a VFX, VFX-sd, SD-1, EPS-16 Plus, or SQ-1, and see if they’ll let you pop the ESP chip out of theirs and into yours - that way you can verify (or not) that it is the actual chip causing the error.

Oh wow there an Sq1 for sale on ebay 20mins from me. I was looking at it earlier I would have no qualms taking the chip from an SQ1 lol

So I got hold of some 2.3 firmware ic’s (I was on 2.1). When I first turned on the synth it would load the faulty fx’s fine. I thought great! But after a few minutes it then fails to load the fx again. That would suggest to me that it is at least initially loading the algo’s correctly.
The Sq1 went for £114 so that wasn’t a viable option.