EPS16+ lowest D# key no longer works


Last week, a friend mentioned the Roland UM-One Mk2, and I went and bought it on the weekend, and plugged it in.

Coincidentally (and probably not at all related), my lowest D# key no longer works… It still moves, but no longer plays notes and doesn’t send midi.

I am looking at getting a soldering iron this weekend, or soon, anyway, but I am not sure how to remove the key to get a look at what the problem might be… I’m hoping it is just an electrical connection problem, so I could solder the problem and solved it, but I’m afraid that if I remove the spring at the back, I may never be able to figure out how to put it back in place, and re-seat the key…

Is anyone aware of any video or other tutorial showing how to remove a key from the EPS16+, to see what’s under it, in an attempt to repair something like this?

As always, I appreciate any advice/direction!