Eps16plus fuzzy main outs

I’ve got an Ensoniq EPS 16 plus rack sitting here. The main outs are plagued with this sizzly fuzz as well as the headphone out. The auxiliary outs and the bus outs are nice and silent but they are on the other pcb board of course. Any ideas? Not sure if its the outs or a chip or what.

Does this identify the problem?

Thank you for your response. I suppose it is similar. Not quite the same sound though. I just listened to that guy’s posted samples. Mine’s more digital. Like some type of glitchy feedback. His sounds more like white noise, like it could be a noise floor problem. I have actually read through that post a couple times on my quest to solve the problem, But they are also different machines so I’ll bet the architecture is a bit different as well. I know this isn’t the way the machine normally sounds. I have another decked out EPS 16 plus rack and it sounds perfect