ESQ SQ 1Plus 32 PING!

On a cluster of notes, . B through D below middle C or thereabouts, If I hold the note for even a moderate amount of time, the tone changes into a loud and high pitched PING. At a job and in desperation, I sprayed the keys with keyboard duster and stop the sound temporarily, but it comes back. Anyone have any ideas.? I love the keytouch and acoustic pianos on this box and would appreciate a straight controller based on this original model.

Thanks a lot.


Just to be clear, this is an SQ1 Plus 32-Voice, right? The ESQ in the header is misleading, as the ESQ-1 is a totally different synthesizer. It was confusing and unfortunate that Ensoniq made both an ESQ-1 and an SQ-1…

Yes, thanks, I just got this instrument and misnamed it. I appreciate you catching this mistake.

The first thing I would try is to use another keyboard as a controller to play the SQ1. See if you still get the trouble when playing the SQ1 sound engine from another keyboard, and if the problem goes away, then you have isolated the trouble to the SQ1 keybed itself. Hopefully the problem will be in the keybed - it will be much easier to resolve!