Fixing Juno-2 Key (Top C) - Plastic Latch Broke Off

My top C key came loose from the key return spring. When I opened it up, I saw that the little nub on the key that holds the spring broke clean off (Looks like there could have been a DIY repair using a juno-1 key return spring, maybe there was too much tension?). The replacement key is out of stock and so are other similar Top C keys that work.

Has anyone had any luck repairing something like this? I’ve tried gluing a tiny bead in the place where the knob was and it ripped clean off right away. Maybe there’s an optimal super glue I should use?


Depends, if you glue it there’s alway a possibility it will break again which is fine if you’re keeping it, if I’m restoring it to sell then I would replace it. From memory, I think it shares the keys of the JX-10, S-10, S-50.

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