HELP! Looking for Juno 60 rubber Contacts for Button Assemblies

I can’t find them, I thought these would be simple to find. I need to replace several. Gold Spray caused them to swell and pop out of place and won’t fit back in and some were already broken. Sliders are working great though…lol. Anyway, It’s the only real problem I have right now…HELP!

Well, I went here to see if there would be any answers to where to find these. I guess the one that I’m looking for is Switch KEJ 10901 Roland part nr 13169605
So I guess I wait around to see if there are anyone who knows where to find these. My buttons are ok, its just the conductive rubbers that are worn out.

The conductivity issues have many easy solutions, I wish that were my problem.
Update So the rubber buttons have shrunk down to their normal size but I have 4 broken ones to replace. I ordered some generic ones from eBay to try and mod-fix but I’d rather get the precise parts.

Aha, what do you think I could try? I found a “rubber keypad repair kit” with conductive paint. Do you think that might work?

I had this conversation with my father, an electrical engineer who owned his own electronics repair shop all through the 80’s, and he says he likes the aluminum stickers option. Others have told me the paint stuff wears out. I’m sure all of it works just fine for years before needing to re-apply. I’m not an electrical engineer, just a troubleshooter with enough knowledge to know that I don’t know enough.

Well, even though I ordered the new contacts, turns out that I ran out of time and was forced to return the JUNO 60 abruptly due to a romantic breakup between my cousin and the owner. I just took four of the rubber contacts from the less-used positions in the Presets (WRITE and SAVE) section and put them in more important sections. After a day of sitting in the AC, the original usable rubber contacts shrunk back down to size and worked properly. The owner was happy as it was playing better than ever and I advised him to take it to a shop to get those last few buttons fixed.

So lesson learned: DO NOT get Deoxit Gold Spray on rubber contacts.

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