Help sick Sq 80

Replaced the battery. Used it for aboUT an hour. Screen went blank… cut off and would not come on… after opening up. Found fuse 3 and 4 blown. Can jump them and will work. Replaced and the fuses only last for a little while. Can anyone help explain to me why these would be pulling to much power?

You battery replacement may have caused a short to ground… causing the fuse blowing issues… Is it the correct battery? Is it oriented in the correct position? Remove it and ring out the Circuits + and - with ohm scale VM… I’ll bet the short will then resolve… Then replace with new, correct, battery… :musical_keyboard::control_knobs::notes::musical_score::pray:

Hi guys, took me a while, but found a weak trace and a little care and some new soldering fixed where it was shorting. Thanks for the encouragement to just dig in with a DM and troubleshoot… played it for about 4 hours yesterday and loaded several banks… fun!

Hooray! Kudos for getting that fixed!