High Touch Response At Maximum

Good day team, have been using my Sx900 for over a year now, then all of a Sudden all F key and A key had high touch response at maximum. Please what could have caused this to happen and what’s the best solution to this. Thanks

Hello and welcome to the forum,

This is most likely due to some corrosion on the key contact board since you said all F and all A keys are problematic. We have a blog post discussing keyboard issues like these. In short, your options are to find the corrosion and repair the PCB traces with jumper wires or replace the contact boards. In the PSR-SX900 there is an upper and lower contact board, and the corrosion could be on either. We aren’t able to determine which you need but you may be able to by visually inspecting your boards to find the corrosion or using a multimeter set to continuity testing.